I have a theory.

I believe that many, many people have PTSD and have no clue what’s wrong with them.

So many people think they are depressed… or they are worriers… or they just startle easily… or they are just not ambitious… or they are just emotional… or they are just angry… or all of these things.

So many therapists and doctors miss this condition by taking only the requisite 15 minutes to “treat” you (aka medicate you) in perhaps a year’s time.

If you have PTSD and it isn’t diagnosed properly, you can battle symptoms cycling up and down on you for your entire life.

PTSD can be like a “Whack-a-Mole” game.  As soon as you get one symptom under control another pops up because you haven’t addressed THE REAL PROBLEM.

Looking back I recognize symptoms of this condition in my feelings and behavior for literally as long as I can remember.  It was only when I developed a weird PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS like shakiness and weakness and dizziness and inability to focus and function that hit me out of the blue… that I finally went to a doctor who immediately said, “It sounds like you have PTSD”.

When I first started reading about it I was thunderstruck by the sheer number of the symptoms that matched me.  THEN I became extremely afraid.

This PTSD thing perpetuates itself!

There is no such thing as maintaining status quo!  You are either getting better, or getting way worse quickly.

Once you have it, your tendency to deal with trauma in the same way creates MORE TRAUMA for your system. They call this COMPLEX PTSD. And it is extremely resistant to treatment!


With my brain already handicapped by the condition, just READING this doomsday outlook freaked me right out.

THEN I GOT MAD. REALLY MAD. AND DECIDED. If dragging this condition around with me hadn’t taken me totally out already, then I should do every thing possible to fight it, and overcome it.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

THEN I started seeing some success stories, and had some hope.

Unless you’re a war veteran chances are you haven’t thought PTSD applies to you.

I believe there is an enormous silent population of PTSD sufferers desperately seeking answers to the wrong questions.

Looking back I can see signs of it in myself as early as 3 years old. The creation of the survival mechanism at an early age sets up the foundation for ongoing and continual re-traumatization throughout life. And then one day the PHYSICAL symptoms become undeniable. If you’re lucky, at this point someone mentions PTSD to you, and you research it on your own.

If you’re not lucky you will probably jump through years of the wrong hoops with no improvement in your symptoms.

PTSD is a simple explanation for a myriad of symptoms, and once addressed, then and only then will there be hope for a true quality of life.

The purpose of this website is to explore, inform and assist sufferers about finally dealing with the “hidden obvious”:

PTSD can happen to anyone who is traumatized by ANYthing. It dig it’s claws into you after just one trauma. It can get a deathgrip on your nervous system after many traumas.

I was diagnosed with PTSD in late 2014. After doing some research, and realizing it may apply to me, I attempted to seek treatment. Then the new nightmare really began.

I have discovered that the way in which PTSD is currently addressed in the medical system puts patients at such unnecessary risk that I am certain many, if not most, utilize their PTSD coping skills and run from treatment.

Diagnosis is only half of the battle. Finding qualified competent help, and surviving the process of treatment, is a war – with both yourself and the system.  The war with yourself is plenty to deal with – you should not have to fight the system that is making PROFIT on claiming to help you.

I would like to change this broken system.  I’m aware that the only thing I can do right now is start with this website.