Everything that helps HELPS – Everything that hurts HURTS.

Sound redundant?

Sometimes it seems like little things don’t matter – mundane tasks.

Everything seems mundane compared to the insanity ripping through your emotions and your brain.  But you aren’t qualified to judge what’s worth doing when you’re a PTSD wreck.

Everything that mimics “normalcy” occupies your brain with routine and predictability, and helps.  It entrenches a GOOD path into your brain.

Everything that alarms you, hurts you, freaks you out and sends up any level of fight or flight HURTS.  Sets your progress back, makes it harder to be “normal” in the next minute/hour/day, and makes you more likely to have another setback.

Go through the “normal” motions at all costs, even if you think it doesn’t matter.

Make the decision ahead of time.  Don’t go by what you think once you’re triggered.  You – by definition – are NOT thinking correctly when triggered.

Get in the shower, get dressed, do routine household things, go to work, do what you had planned for the day EVEN THOUGH you don’t think you can.

It will stop a bad message from going to your brain and send a good message – albeit small – by the end of the day that you survived, you got some things done, you made a little progress, and you didn’t let “it” get you.

And that is plenty to do for the day.  That is HUGE.


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