1. If you read nothing else.

If you have PTSD, the great majority of doctors have NO IDEA what you are going through, no matter what they say.

Every time you dredge up the courage to ask for help AGAIN, and get shot down by a cavalier, ignorant, arrogant doctor your already desperate, dangerous, highly delicate condition takes another brutal beat-down.

You must be on this site because you have an inkling that PTSD is an issue for yourself or a loved one.

Where there is life there must be hope.

This site exists for the purpose of exploring potential answers to preventing years of torment and repeated trauma.

PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS SITE. This is a safe place for you to come – to vent any and all feelings and experiences.  I will never judge you.

PLEASE COME WITH ME.  I will do my best to wrestle my urge to avoid this, and actually sit down and record my experiences in an attempt to control my PTSD.   You can click HERE to join me in blogging about your recovery process.  You don’t have to make it public, like I am doing.  You can set your blog for private and keep it entirely to yourself.

I am working on a FREE EMERGENCY GUIDE, which you can reserve by clicking HERE. A quick once over of this subject should always be at your fingertips, and I am putting my list of lifelines that work for me into a quick-read little cheat sheet.

Please believe there IS a solution.

If I hadn’t believed in a real solution I know I would no longer be in this world.  I could NOT live the rest of my life with PTSD rampant in my body and brain.

Don’t let any small portion of what you read here, or elsewhere, bum you out (as hard as that seems).

There IS a cure, and a way out of this nightmare.  I’m convinced of it.

I’ve read about it.  I’ve been taught about it.

I’m working on getting it for myself one day at a time.

Just keep reading, start the exercises when you can, and keep coming back.  You don’t even have to know HOW or WHY an exercise may help you.  Just the DOING of it is the important thing.  Don’t worry about the WHY.  Our brains don’t need another danger to analyze.

PTSD exercises are just like insulin for diabetics.  The process of making your brain focus on something new, alone, is helpful.

If you chip away at this 1% per day, in a few months you will not even recognize your life compared to now.


If all you can do is read today, then just read. If you can start your private journal, preferably online so no one will accidentally see it at home, then do that in a couple of minutes HERE.

If you can reach out and comment on a post – to help yourself or someone else – please do so. Do ONLY WHAT IS SAFE, and you know what we mean by that.

If there is ANYTHING about this subject that resonates for you or someone you love, just know that you are taking the first step to healing by gaining knowledge.

Thank you sincerely for visiting my website.  -Alexx