4. Blog Yourself Sane


When I realized I had this nasty PTSD stuff I was willing to try anything.

The more I read about it and thought about it the worse it became for me.

The process of beginning to solidify what had become a morass of fragmented tormenting uncontrollable thoughts began to relieve my brain of them.

And shortly after, this blog was created.


I started by signing up for a free website and training on the
super-simple basics of working it HERE.

Because one of the biggest challenges has to do with CLEARLY and SUCCINCTLY describing what is going on, the attempt to write down your thought helps solidify and sort them in your own brain.

If you can find the ability to write down your biggest fears, and express the “and then what?”  you can finally begin to reverse the path your brain has decided to take on it’s own.

In a PTSD meltdown, your thoughts inevitably extrapolate to – AND GET STUCK IN – the negatives when they are spinning out of control.

You don’t need CONTINUAL reinforcement of what traumatized you to begin with!

If you do nothing else but stop that, you are taking a HUGE STEP toward beating this thing!

If you are going to HAVE the thoughts, perhaps putting them “on paper” can give them a place to exist outside of your poor, exhausted brain and relieve you of the need/tendency/compulsion to have them forced upon you by this condition.  (Just sayin… it helps me immensely!!)

Because the accumulated effect of multiple trauma leads to particularly “difficult to treat” cases, if you can recount historical events, and ask certain questions of yourself, your answers can help your brain RAPIDLY UNRAVEL the belief systems which lead to the repeated traumatization of your psyche – and STOP THE BLEEDING.


***Special call out to Veterans***

I’m my humble opinion it’s a profoundly shameful testimony to our country’s inadequate medical care that even a SINGLE warrior would be left to suffer with PTSD after having been selfless and courageous enough to defend America at the cost of his personal sanity.

When a human being is FORCED to cope emotionally with the unthinkable pressure of enduring a nightmare of trauma and FORCED immediately to continue functioning with no care, comfort or return to safety, only a miracle could KEEP their nervous system from being rocked to the core.

A warrior who can BLOCK and resist his own emergency survival system, partitioning basic human emotions in the name of war, to brainwash himself to be Government property fighting someone else’s battle, deserves EVERY RESOURCE NECESSARY to be dedicated to restoring him to wholeness with NO regard for cost.  

With NO exceptions.